RogueWork Media, Inc.


In business performance is measured by sales.  We sell!  Our people are serious industry vets with diverse backgrounds, yada yada yada…


Even better than the standard resume cliches, we have a track record, having sold products through every possible channel of distribution, into every type of customer, large and small.

Our success is in our ability to develop a simple and repeatable process, regardless of the sophistication of the final product.

What’s more, we concentrate on 4 very distinct parts of the business.

  • Master Representatives and marketing consultants that help our clients develop their sales process, and build and manage manufacturer’s representatives efforts.
  • Manufacturer’s Representatives and marketing consultants.  We have extensive direct relationship capital in the NY Metro area and can effectively place products in the region.
  • Marketing consultants, developing a strategy that our clients can then implement and manage. (We’re always at their disposal.)
  • Web Designer and/or Internet Marketer.  This area is so unique that we have a stand alone operation that is dedicated to design and hosting, search engine optimization and marketing. We even own, co-own and co-operate several online ventures ourselves.

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