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Everyone has heard the about the rags to riches story about the soccer mom/dad with a great invention that makes its way onto the shelves of WalMart.  It’s a great story.  Inspiring.  Heart warming.  And yes, true.  But it is NOT the norm.  That’s why it gets told.

What makes this story (and many more like it) work is the simple fact that the soccer mom/dad was thinking about the end user, not WalMart. You have to do the same.compass

Who is your customer and how are you going to reach them?  Why are they your customer?  What problem do you solve?  Are you…

  • a retailer?
  • a distributor?
  • an importer?
  • manufacturer?
  • service company?
  • professional practitioner?

Do you…

  • have to advertise?
  • carry a receivable?
  • need multiple pricing options?
  • require logistics?
  • need special licensing?

Once you decide who you are and what you’re willing to do, you can then determine how to best reach your customer.  And yes, sometimes the path less traveled is best.